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sexy bikinis for women: Confrontation, a small mistake will make you pay a painful price. Today we made mistakes on both ends of the attack and defense, I personally feel that we On the offensive end than to commit mistakes committed on the defensive end much.

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sexy bikinis for women
sexy bikinis for women

In the Guangdong Derby battle tonight, Guangzhou Fuli, who played at home, relied on Zahavi’s hat trick to beat Shenzhen Kaisa with 3-1.

This victory allowed R&F to sweep the haze of a rout and let the deep feet I tasted the bitter fruit of five rounds. After the game, the coach who was unwilling to lose the ball, Carlo, said that he was not happy with the results of the game and thought that the score was unfair to the team.

In fact, although the scene is dominant, the team made repeated mistakes on the offensive end.The result of the striker’s repeated “spits” was the result of the team losing the loss. Carlo believes that the mistakes on both ends of the offense and defense are the reasons for the team’s defeat.

Despite the sweltering weather today, the golden Yuexiushan Stadium still rushed into nearly 10,000 fans, including 600 Shenzhen fans.

The last time the deep foot appeared in Yuexiu Mountain was in 2009. In the face of Guangzhou Guangyao, the deep foot suffered a 1 to 6 defeat. Yuexiu Mountain became a sad place for deep football fans; 10 years later, the deep foot went to Yuexiu Mountain again.

In the face of Guangzhou R&F, which has four deep-footed veterans, the deep foot of the advanced ball has been reversed by opponents. Yuexiu Mountain is not a blessed land.

After the game, the deep-footed coach Carlo said: “I am very unhappy about the results of the game.

Our team has maintained strength in 90 minutes. This score is unfair to our efforts, but football is football. The first 30 minutes we Keeping the strength, our advantage is quite obvious.

Before the game ended, the opponents seized their rare opportunities and scored high-quality shots, making the score 3-1. But today I We are satisfied with the performance of the team.


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