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bikini sexy:Travelers who love flowers and beauty must not miss the Baihua Lane. During the Corvador Courtyard Festival in May each year, some of the courtyards will be decorated with flowers by the owner and will be open for free.

Style:Bralette , Padded
Occasion:Beach , Hot Springs , Swimming Pool
Type:One-Piece Swimwear

bikini sexy
bikini sexy

Walking on the streets of Mykonos, it’s hard not to be shocked by its beauty.

This is largely due to the cobbled streets surrounding the whitewashed houses. In some parts of the island, pedestrians will see unparalleled sea views.

If you plan to travel to South Africa, you should consider some time between late September and November. At that time, South Africa’s jacaranda began to bloom, and it was amazing, with purple branches hanging on the streets.

Drive or stroll through Pretoria, where trees seem to grow in every corner, and it seems that every place destin to be unforgettable.

Interesting fact: Jacaranda native to Brazil, and South Africa’s first Jacaranda plant at the end of the 19th century.

Quebec City  consider to be the most beautiful place in Canada.

Streets like Little Champlain Street are hard to beat. The charming European-style streets lined with unique boutiques and bistros.

This picturesque area makes people very happy in any season of the year.

Colmar, France, near the German border, is one of the most charming towns in Europe.

However, it can be said that the most picturesque area of ​​Colmar can be found on the streets of the old town.

The building here does not seem to be affected by time, its rich wood structure, including the aesthetics of Alsace.

Jinli in Chengdu is very beautiful all year round.

However, there is no better time to appreciate this street than during the Spring Festival. The locals lit the streets with various themed rituals and amazing lighting effects.

The colourful and historic Aldama Street is a must-see for visitors in San Miguel de Allende.

San Miguel de Allende  nam the most beautiful city in Mexico by many magazines.

In Italy, except for Venice, there may be no other places where the streets are more beautiful than Burano.

It is not the canals that make them famous, but the colorful buildings that seem to be conspicuous at every turn.

Baihua Lane is located in the old Jewish district of the Andalusian city of Cordoba, one of the most typical streets.

in Corvado.Just like its name, the white walls on both sides of the alley always decorate the flowers of the season.


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