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sexy bikini top:Gobert actually has something to say. If the Jazz did a foul on the defensive Harden last week, now the Warriors have not been whistled for fouling. It is somewhat incomprehensible.

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The referee’s sentence caused a huge controversy

On April 29th, Beijing time, in the first game of the Western Conference Semifinals, the Warriors defeated the Rockets 104-100 at home. In this game, the referee’s whistles became the focus of the discussion.

After the game, Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni and general manager Daryl Morey slammed the referee’s whistles.

In the first half of the game, the Warriors were not fouled when they defended Harden’s three-point shot and caused controversy.

In fact, the referee’s whistles in this game made the lone man boss Mark Cuban unable to stand up.

After the game, Cuban wrote on Twitter: “The final 2 minutes of the referee report tomorrow will be very interesting and will tell you a lot about the management of the NBA referee community.”

On April 29th, Beijing time, the playoffs played in the Western Conference Semifinals. The Houston Rockets lost 100-104 to the Golden State Warriors.

There were two controversial situations in the game: Clay Thompson criticized James Harden, but the referee was indifferent.

At more than three minutes before the end of the half, Clay Thompson suspected that he was lame to James Harden.

At the time, Thompson made one-on-one defense against Harden. And Harden shot outside the three-point line and scored a three-pointer with a knife.

But after Harden shot, Thompson seemed to have a lame move, and Harden fell to the ground.When Harden complained to the referee why he didn’t punish Thompson’s foul. It is worth mentioning that the referee was next to the two, but he did not make any penalty.

Earlier, after Harden also shot at the top of the 45-degree arc outside the three-point line, Thompson also had a lame move, but the referee did not whistles, which caused the Rockets up and down dissatisfaction.

In this campaign, Harden scored 35 points and Thompson scored 13 points. In the game, the US media spoofed Thompson’s picture of Harden’s lameness.

However, in this game, Thompson used the bad behavior of “squatting” in the face of Harden, which is likely to cause Harden to crip even and even worse.

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