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sexy bikini bottoms:With Steve Cole becoming the coach of the Warriors in the summer of 2014, Green was completely liberated. He not only returned to the 4th position completely, but also became the starting lineup. After the 2015 Finals, the Warriors’ five-game lineup allowed Green’s value to be maximized.

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sexy bikini bottoms
sexy bikini bottoms

On May 3, Beijing time, Rockets star James Harden was interviewed before the team started training.

When talking about the impact of his eye injury on G2, Harden said that although it is difficult, he still does not use this as an bikini bottoms

“This is a different situation, like an ankle injury. I have been twisting hundreds of ankles, but you know how to deal with it,” Harden said.

“And your vision is impaired, you can’t see anything, it’s hard to deal with. But this is still not an excuse,” Harden bikini bottoms

On May 3, Beijing time, according to US media reports, reviewing his rookie season. The Warriors’ Draymond Green is still worried. Because he was arranged to play the 3rd position and almost let him leave the NBA.

When Green just entered the NBA, then the Warriors coach Mark Jackson let Green play the small forward. Because Green can be qualified for both the 3 and 4 positions in college. But this arrangement made Green very bikini bottoms

“Yes, playing the 3rd position almost made me leave the league.” Green was still worried about it. “Especially our team’s offensive system at the time, the 3rd position is a fixed-point shooter.

When you catch the ball, you shoot, but I am not a fixed-point shooter. And I also experienced a knee injury at that time. So my shot is very bad. But I can let go. This allows me to get playing time.”

“But playing the 3rd position almost made me leave the league. In the second year, I started to play more at the 4th position. I think that is the position I am most familiar with.”sexy bikini bottoms

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