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womens sexy bikini:But when answering the question of the fans “Kenba and Harris who are more suitable for the Jazz? Who can make the Jazz become the real champion team”, Jones chose Walker. He wrote: “It’s Kenba. He can make the Jazz immediately become a championship team.”womens sexy bikini

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In today’s show, former retired James’s teammate Perkins also talked about James’ situation.

Perkins said: “He certainly won’t regret coming to Los Angeles. LeBron is 35 years old. He offers everything he can do.

I firmly believe that in LeBron’s mind he has a plan for the establishment process. He knows what the task of getting along with young people after coming to Los Angeles is. He wants to lead these young people to success. After a lot of hardships, he will build his own success.

So I think LeBron’s mentality should be very calm. I know that he always wants to win the game, I know he wants to win the game with the young people now. ”womens sexy bikini

Perkins said that James always faces some slang. Said that he will control the team, is the real controller of the team. But in fact, James hates his teammates being traded. But the real manager is the general manager, and he can’t do anything about it.

On May 3, Beijing time, “Salt Lake City Tribune” and team reporter Tony Jones made a push to analyze the summer operation of Utah Jazz. It is believed that if Kemba Walker, the Jazz will become a championship team.womens sexy bikini

First, Jones wrote: “Zhu Holliday can’t trade.”

Then came the answer to the question of whether the Clippers want to get rid of Danilo Gallinari’s remaining $22.6 million contract for the year.

Jones wrote: “Yes, the Clippers will try to send away now. Because they want to free up a space for the top players. But the Jazz has no players to match him.”

In fact, Jones looked at Gallinari’s former Clippers teammate Tobias Harris.

“Tobyas fits perfectly with the jazz,” Jones wrote. “Whether he is holding the ball or playing without the ball, he can contribute 20+ points. His comprehensive offensive end is exactly what the Jazz needs.”womens sexy bikini


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